14 Jul

As a school, we want to congratulate our students for completing the IGCSE Exam Cycle that gives them an opportunity to graduate with an International Diploma and compete with students worldwide.

The cycle evaluates seven subjects: Math, Enterprise, Biology, Global Perspectives, Environmental Management, English, and Spanish.

Seniors take these exams in May-June and October-November.

This is what our students say about the exams and program:

fotos 12

“They push you to think outside of the box and analyze.”-Sara Fortich

“It gives us experience with international skills.”-Maria Camila Tobon


Congratulations on your hard work and dedication!



Cambridge Checkpoints are diagnostic tests given at the end of Primary and Secondary School.  These tests provide feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses.  Teachers use this valuable information to create action plans to improve and maximize the strengths of the program in the areas of English, Mathematics, and Science.

The following 10th and 11th graders demonstrated an excellent understanding of the curriculum content by achieving a score above 5.0 on a scale of 6.0:


  • Ana Isabel Blanco
  • Manuela Correa
  • María Isabella Echeverry
  • María Giraldo
  • Susana Bernal Correa
  • Camila Pulido Correa


  • Ana Isabel Blanco


Congratulations on your excellent results! Keep up the good work!

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